About Ehlebait.com

Our Mission

Ehlebait.com is a legitimate resource for Muslim ummah. We work on unity, and interfaith harmony between Muslim secs and bringing together.

Our goal is to portray an accurate picture of Islam and Shian e Ehlebait a.s. as our beloved Prophet (saw) wants us to follow Quran and Ehlebait a.s. afterward. 

Our Thinkings

In the Holy Quran, Allah (S.T) often emphasizes on the concept of Guardianship. Notably, whenever the Quran mentions the Guardianship of God and Rasool Allah saw, it also emphasizes the Guardianship of Ehlebait (a.s) as it can be found in the various verses of Quran.

Rasool Allah saw reiterated the significance of following Ehlebait a.s on numerous occasions throughout his life. A prominent example of this is Hadith e Saqalain and Ghadeer.

By adhering to the teachings of Ehlebait (a.s) after Rasool Allah saw, believers can strengthen their connection to the Gob and understand concepts of Islam.

What we cover?

We cover a wide range of Islamic resources e.g. Quran, Hadith, History books, and informative religious articles.