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Quran e Majeed

 Author: Allah (S.T)  Category: Other Books  Publisher: Muslim Academy  Published: July 18, 2013  ISBN: N/A  Pages: 1285  Country: Saudi Arabia  Language: Arabic  Dimension: 17 x 24 cm  File Size: 113 MB  Download

Quran e Majeed is the Holiest and most legitimate Book of Islam and the literal word of God. Quran was delivered by Gob to our Holy Prophet saw and he narrated to Ehlebait a.s and his companions. And from this chain of Narrators, now we’re able to see in the form of a Book.

Quran is originally in Arabic languages, but you can now download the Quran e Majeed with Urdu Tarjuma by Hafiz Nazar Ahmad on It took almost 23 years for Quran to be completed.

Before Rasool Allah (saw)’s death, he delivered all the information to his brother and Successor Imam Ali a.s. It is found in the history and Hadith that Imam Ali a.s compiled Quran e Majeed with the correct sequence of Surahs and Tafseer sooner after Prophet’s death.