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Al imama Wa Al Siyasa

 Author: Muslim Ibn Qutayba Al Dinawari  Category: History, Sunni Books  Publisher: N/A  Published: February 15, 2017  ISBN: N/A  Pages: 372  Country: Pakistan  Language: Urdu, Arabic  Dimension: 25 × 20 cm  File Size: 7.43 MB  Download

Al Imama Wa Al Siyasa is a notable work on the History of Islam by Abu Muhammad Abdullah Ibn Muslim Ibn Qutayba Al Dinawari (276 AH). Qutayba is a well-known Sunni Islamic scholar and his main interests are in History, politics, Hadith, Tafseer, etc. Ibn Qutayba’s authorship Al Imama Wa Al Siyasa is so popular book among the Muslim community.

You can download the book Al Imama Wa Al Siyasa Urdu PDF and Arabic version as well. We could only found only the handwritten version of the book. But we’ll publish the digital version of the books sooner.

Abdullah Ibn Muslim Ibn Qutayba Al Dinawari (276 AH)

Ibn Qutayba was born in Kufa, Iraq (213 AH) in Abbasi Caliphate. As we mentioned above, Ibn Qutayba was a Persian descent Islamic scholar, and his work on History, Hadith, Tafseer, and Kalaam is rare and remarkable. He studied Philology and was a “Qazi” of Dinawar which is why he is called “Dinawari”.

His popular work is Training of Secretary, Uyun Al Akhbar Gharub ul Quran, Al Imama Wa Al Siyasa, etc. Al Dinawari was known as vocal about his beliefs. He later on moved to Baghdad, Iraq and it’s mentioned in the history that Ibn Qutayba was tortured and assassinated in Baghdad.

Al imama Wa Al Siyasa by Ibn Qutayba Al Dinawari

Al Imama Wa Al Siyasa is a rare book on Islamic history authored by Muslim Ibn Qutayba Al Dinawari. Although Sunni Muslims have tons of objections to the book because the book mentions controversial events mostly against the basic Sunni beliefs. According to most Sunni scholars, Al Imama Wa Al Siyasa is disputedly attributed to Muslim Ibn Qutayba.

But the earlier Sunni Scholars accepted Ibn Qutayba as a legitimate personality in the Sunni school of thought and recognized his book Al Imama Wa Al Siyasa. On the other hand, Shia believes that this book is authored by Muslim Ibn Qutayba because the topics discussed in this book are also mentioned in the Shia Hadith and History books. Having said that, you can download Al Imama Wa Al Siyasa PDF from our site in Arabic and Urdu translation.

The book covers the conflict in Caliphate after Prophet’s death between Imam Ali a.s and Abu Baker. When Abu Baker became 1st Muslim caliph in Saqeefa in the absence of Ali a.s, Imam Ali a.s and his followers refused the Allegiance of Abu Baker.

Then Omar ibn Khattab came to Ali a.s and warned. Muslim ibn Qutayba reports in his book, that a violent attack by Omar on the house Prophet’s daughter Syeda Fatima Tu Zahra (S.A). And injuries in that incident were the cause of her death at 18.

Download Al imama Wa Al Siyasa Urdu Pdf

Along with these historical events, there is a lot more reported in Imama Wa Al Siyasa e.g. when Abu Baker occupied the land of Fadak by the prophet’s daughter and she went to take it back. Download the Al Imama Wa Al Siyasa Urdu Pdf, just follow the download button and you’ll be redirected to the download page.