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Faraid Us Simtain

 Author: Ibrahim Bin M. Al Juwayni  Category: Al Hadith, Sunni Books  Publisher: Chishti Kutub Khana  Published: February 2, 2019  ISBN: N/A  Pages: 451  Country: Pakistan  Language: Urdu  Dimension: 20 × 25 cm  File Size: 48.5 MB  Download

Faraid us Simtain by Al Juwayni

Faraid us Simtain is a popular authorship of Ibrahim Bin Muhammad Al Juwayni Al Khurasani. Who collected this legitimate collection of Hadith on the excellence of Ehlebait as (Prophet’s Households).

Faraid us Simtain is a well-known Hadith collection by a Sunni Scholar Ibrahim Bin Muhammad Al Juwayni. And a lot of other Scholars have praised Al Juwayni’s work and legitimacy e.g. Imam Zahbi in his book Tazkira Al Haffaz says I heard Hadith from the Superior and Imam of Hadith Ibrahim Bin Muhammad Al Juwayni.

Ibrahim Bin Muhammad Al Juwayni

Al Juwayni is a Persian Sunni scholar and was one of the finest Islamic theologians and imams of Hadith. Also known as Imam ul Haramain, he was a leading master of two holy cities of Islam, Makkah, and Madina Al Munawara.

He was a follower of the Shafií School of thought and because of his insane knowledge of Fiqh and Usool e Fiqh, he acquired the status of Mujtahid, which means qualified to exercise Ijtihad in Islamic laws.

Al Juwayni has been considered the second founder of Shafi’i madhab. He was also given many honorific titles for his notable work e.g. Shaykh ul Islam, Imam ul Ayma, and more. Ultimately, he has been considered as the prominent Sunni Scholar of his time.

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