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Fazail e Sahaba By Imam Nasai

 Author: Ahmad ibn Shuayb Al Nasai  Category: Al Hadith, Sunni Books  Publisher: Maktaba Jadeed Press  Published: May 16, 2013  ISBN: N/A  Pages: 364  Country: Pakistan  Language: Urdu  Dimension: 25 × 20 cm  File Size: 8.60 MB  Download

Imam Abdul Rahman Ahmad ibn Shuayb Al Nasai (303 AH) is a well know Sunni Muhadith who is the Author of As Sunan which is one of the six finest Hadith collections in Sunnism.

His popular Hadith collection on the Vetues of the Prophet’s companions called Fazail e Sahaba by Imam Nasai is rare. Here you can download Fazail e Sahaba by Nasai PDF in Urdu Translation.

Fazail e Sahaba by Imam Nasai

Although Fazail e Sahaba is a chapter from Nasai’s As Sunan, this is an example of the chapter’s popularity that they’re separately released e.g. Fazail e Sahaba, Khasais e Ali as. Fazail e Sahaba covers the Prophet’s sayings about Sahabas (Companions of Rasool SAW).

Ahmad ibn Shuayb Al Nasai (303 AH)

Shuayb Al Nasai was born in Khorasan, Iran (215 AH). From the age of 15, he started traveling and learning from other Scholars in Iraq, Hijaz, Egypt, and Syria.

Nasai is one the earliest Imams of Hadith from the 2nd Century AH. There are big names among his teachers e.g. Ishaq Ibn Rahwayh, Abu Dawood Al Sajistani, etc.

Ibn Hajar says that Imam Bukhari was Nasai’s teacher however Imam Mizzi says, Bukhari never met Nasai. Later on in Egypt, Nasai started narrating Hadith and acquired the title of Hafiz ul Hadith.

Download Fazail e Sahaba by Imam Nasai

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