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Khasais e Ali by Imam Nasai

 Author: Ahmad ibn Shuayb Al Nasai  Category: Al Hadith, Sunni Books  Publisher: BPH Printers Lahore  Published: March 20, 2014  ISBN: N/A  Pages: 280  Country: Pakistan  Language: Urdu  Dimension: 25 × 20 cm  File Size: 8.67 MB  Download

Khasais e Ali by Imam Nasai is a comprehensive Hadith collection on the virtues of Ameer ul Momineen Ali Ibn Abi Talib (A.S). This is a chapter from the popular and one of the earliest Hadith collections Sunan Nasai, authored by Ahmad ibn Shuayb Al Nasai (303 AH).

Khasais e Ali by Imam Nasai

In the last few years of his life, Imam Nasai traveled to Damascus he said there in his speeches that Imam Ali a.s was abused in the kingship Banu Umayyah. He presented his book Khasais e Ali covering Imam Ali’s excellence and relations to Rasool Allah saw. This presentation made Nasibis angry and they asked him to write the same book on the Virtues of Muavia (L.A).

So, Imam Nasai refused because there is nothing reported in the virtues of Muavia which is a consensus among the Muhaddiseen. But Nasibis insisted he narrates Hadith about Muavia, so he said, this is the only Hadith of the Prophet saw about Muavia “May Allah not fill his belly”. The angry Nasibis beat Nasai and he was transferred to Hijaz where he died due to those injuries.

Ahmad ibn Shuayb Al Nasai (303 AH)

Imam Nasai is one of the finest 6 Imams of Hadith and his book Sunan Al Sughra is one of those mainstream books in the Sunni School of thought. Moreover, Imam Zahbi said that Nasai is more skillful and authentic than Imam Muslim Ibn Hajjaj and Tirmazi in Hadith knowledge.

Nasai was born in Nasa, Khorasan present day (Turkmenistan). He’s the author of As Sunan, one of the six canonical hadith collections in Sunnism. From the age of 15, Nasai started learning Hadith and traveling to other big hubs of Scholars and seeking knowledge. He traveled to Hijaz, Egypt, Iraq, and Syria.

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Khasais e Ali by Imam Nasai Úrdu PDF is rare Hadith collection on Virtues of Ameer ul Momineed Ali as. You can now download Khasais e Ali by Imam Nasai PDF in Urdu Translation Printed by BPH Printers Lahore. If you’ve any suggestions or queries, feel free to contact us here.