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Kitab e Sulaim-Bin Qais Al Hilali

 Author: Sulaim-Bin Qais Al Hilali  Category: Al Hadith, Shia Books  Publisher: Digital version  Published: January 4, 2014  ISBN: 1494918668  Pages: 145  Country: Pakistan  Language: Urdu  Dimension: 25 × 20 cm  File Size: 2.60 MB  Download

Sulaim Bin Qais Al Hilali (Died 70H)

Sulaim Bin Qais Hilali was born in Kufa, Iraq, and belongs to Banu Hilal which is a brand of the Banu Amir tribe. It’s mentioned in history that Sulaym moved to Madina in the caliphate of Umar. But never got to meet the Prophet Mohammad SAW, but came very close to Imam Ali as among their other loyal followers.

Sulaim Bin Qais Al Hilali Al Amiri Al Kufi s.a is the earliest and finest Shia Muhaddis and the Author of Kitab e Sulaym Bin Qais, who narrated his compiled Hadiths directly from Imam Ali a.s. and their loyal companions. The thing that legitimizes this book is that this collection of Hadith was presented to the first five Ayma e Ehlebait as and they agreed and verified them.

Sulaim Bin Qais was a true Shia and companion to Imam Ali as in the latter’s life in Kufa. Sulaim was a lover to the entire households of Rasool Allah saw and got to meet Imam Hassan, Hussain, Zain ul Abidin, and Imam Baqir ul Uloom a.s.

Khair Al Din Al Zirkli mentions in his book that Sulaim Bin Qais Al Hilali is one of the earliest writers of Islam and was a loyal companion to Imam Ali as. Zirkli says that the Book Kitab e Sulaim Bin Qais is a well-known Authorship of Sulaim s.a (Ref: Kitab Ul Alam > Volume 3 > Page 119).

In the final days, Sulaym Bin Qais moved to Persia with his collected Hadiths and writings. Because Banu Umayyad and their governors were real enemies of Ehlebait a.s and their followers. As Sulaym reached Persia, he got to meet a young boy named Abban Ibn Abi Ayyash, who offered him Shelter.

Sulaym Bin Qais started educating Abban on the teachings of Ehlebait a.s and revealed his writings and Hadiths to him. Ultimately Abban became Shia, and Sulaym entrusted all of his collected Hadiths to him and told him not to talk to anyone about these Hadiths in Sulayms lifetime.

Kitab e Sulaim Bin Qais Al Hilali

In Kitab e Sulaym Bin Qais, there is a detailed narration of the consequences after the death of Rasool Allah saw. So, the Sunni Muslims reject it all despite Sulaym Bin Qais and his book being recognized by Sunni Writers.

There are a lot of Chains of Narrators, that this book is narrated from. The popular narrator of Kitab e Sulaim Bin Qais Hilali was Aban because he was the first one who met Sulaim as he reached Persia.

Having said that, according to Shia, Kitab e Sulaym Bin Qais Hilali is a legitimate and earliest Hadith collection. Even dozens of Hadiths from the Book of Sulaym can be found in the Shia primary 4 books.

On the other hand, over 14 handwritten documents of Kitab e Sulaim Bin Qais were discovered, and the book was published in 2014. So, you can now download Kitab e Sulaym Urdu PDF free from