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Mota Imam Malik

 Author: Imam Malik ibn Anas  Category: Al Hadith, Sunni Books  Publisher: Maktaba Al Faheem  Published: April 6, 2017  ISBN: N/A  Pages: 991  Country: Pakistan  Language: Urdu  Dimension: 20 × 25 cm  File Size: 37.5 MB  Download

Mota Imam Malik is a popular Hadith collection by Imam Malik Ibn Anas and one of the earliest ones. It is well known for its unique pattern as Imam Malik combines Hadith and Fiqh in this book.

Mota Imam Malik (Urdu PDF Translation)

Al Mowatta includes a large amount of Hadith with Ahqam e Fiqh mostly from the people of Hijaz (Makkah) and from their followers. This book contains hadith related to the Customs, traditions, rituals, and laws of the time of Rasool Allah saw.

It can be found that Imam Malik only picked Hadith and book content only from a small number of people, over 1900 narrations. But he had almost 100,000 narrators available at that time.

Mota Imam Malik is the most appreciated and notable work by Imam Malik Ibn Anas. And It took over forty years period to compose this book. Imam Malik claims that I showed this book to the top Fuqaha and scholars of Madina at that time and they all agreed with what I collected.

About Imam Malik Ibn Anas (179 AH)

Basically, Imam Malik is a Sunni Muslim theologist, Jurist, and Imam of Hadith. Imam Malik Ibn Anas Ibn Malik Ibn Abi Amr was born in 93 AH in the city of Madina, it was Umayyad Caliphate then.

Later on, Imam Malik became a premiere Islamic preacher and scholar and was referred to as Imam of Madina, now there is an entire school of thought and one of the Muslim sects called “Maliki” following Malik’s views and thinking.

There is a popular saying of Imam Muhammad Ibn Idrees Al Shafi’i that there is no book more authentic than the book of Malik after the book of Allah S.T. But after all the Mota Imam Malik is as authentic as any other book could be. No book is perfect other than Quran e Majeed.

But according to the Maliki School of thought and Imam Malik’s followers, this book is the real example of Authenticity and they follow it as their primary source of Hadith and Fiqh.

Download Mota Imam Malik Urdu PDF covers a large number of Islamic, Hadith, and history books. You can also download Mota Imam Malik Urdu PDF from our site with Takhreej. This book has footnotes and translations by Allama Waheed ul Zaman. Just hit the download button on this page and it will take you to the download page.