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Mozuat e Kabeer

 Author: Mulla Ali Al Qari  Category: Al Hadith, Sunni Books  Publisher: Kitab o Sunnat  Published: June 14, 2018  ISBN: N/A  Pages: 422  Country: Pakistan  Language: Urdu  Dimension: 25 × 20 cm  File Size: 8.82 MB  Download

Mozuat e Kabeer or Mozuat ul Qubra is a popular book by Mulla Ali Qari. Qari was a prominent Sunni Scholar, Commentator, and theologian who died in (1014 AH). Mozuat e Kabeer is a collection of fabricated Hadith from Sunni sources.

Mozuat e Kabeer by Mulla Ali Al Qari

As I mentioned, Mozuat e Kabeer is a collection of Weak and fabricated Hadith with the commentary of Mulla Ali Qari, Islamic history, Events, and happenings.

Mulla Ali Qari is well known for his insane Hadith knowledge and skills. The big scholars trust Mulla Ali Qari’s knowledge of Fiqh and Hadith authenticity.

Mulla Ali Al Qari (1014 AH)

Mulla Ali Qari was born in Herat and traveled to Makkah where he studied Islam under a popular Hadith Scholar Imam Ahmad Ibn Hajar Al Haithami (974 AH).

He’s recognized as a master of Hadith and Fiqh and his popular commentary on Mishqat Ul Masabih is rate. He has a lot of other well of other well-known e.g. Minah al-Rawd al-Azhar, Mozuat e Kabeer, and more.

Download Mozuat e Kabeer by Mulla Ali Qari

You can download Mozuat e Kabeer Urdu Pdf from our website. This copy of the book is printed by Kitab o Sunnat. Just follow the button on this page and it will redirect to a download page.