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Nahjul Balagha

 Author: Al Sharif al Razi  Category: Al Hadith, History, Shia Books  Publisher: Digital version  Published: June 12, 2019  ISBN: N/A  Pages: 440  Country: Pakistan  Language: Urdu  Dimension: 10 × 8 in  File Size: 14 MB  Download

Nahj ul Balagha is a well-known Sermons and letters collection of Imam Ali as authored by Syed Sharif Al Razi (406 AH). Al Razi was a Persian Shia Scholar and poet who has many authorships. But Nahj ul Balagha got a lot of appreciation and popularity among Shia Muslims. On you can download the Nahjul Balagha PDF in Urdu Translation.

Muhammad bin Al Husayn Al Musawi (406 AH)

Muhammad Bin Al Husayn Al Musawi also known as Syed Sharif Al Razi was born in 359 AH in Baghdad, Iraq. Syed Sharif Al Razi r.a was a descendant of Imam Musa e Kazim a.s. His mother was a descendant of Imam Zain Ul Abidin a.s. Nahjul Balagha has been considered his best work and masterpiece in the Shia school of thought.

Nahjul Balagha by Syed Sharif Al Razi

The book Nahjul Balagha (Peak of Eloquence) is a compilation of Imam Ali’s rare sermons, aphorisms, and letters of Imam Ali as. There are hundreds of commentaries written on Al Razi’s compilation by Shia and Sunni Scholars.

The sermons, letters, and speeches of Imam Ali as were read, and taught before Syed Al Razi. But his services were remarkable collecting them and composing on different topics and sections. Nahjul Balagha primarily covers the Quran and Islam, Humanity, theolog and Metaphysics, Social justice, prayers, excellence, and guardianship of Ehlebait as.

There are dozens of sermons and speeches on the consequences of the Prophet’s death, and three caliphates afterward. And ultimately when Imam Ali became caliph.

Now critics of Nahjul Balagha raise objections that the content in this book is falsely attributed to Imam Ali as because Imam Ali as he criticized Abu Baker, Umar and Uthman caliphate, and Muavia. But the book is a reliable and rare authorship of Syed Sharif Al Razi.

Download Najul Balagha PDF in Urdu

The main objection to the Nahjul Balagha is that Al Razi hasn’t provided “Isnad” the chain of narrators of the text. But Shia refuses this objection because the content in Nahjul Balagha also exists in other Shia and Sunni books which is a confirmation of the authenticity of Nahjul Balagha.

Even the “Isnad” the chain of transmission of Nahjul Balagha can be found in the other Shia and Sunni books for most of the content of Nahjul Balagha. You can download the Nahjul Balagha PDF in Urdu, just click the download button on this page and it’ll take you to the download page.