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Tareekh e Tabari

 Author: Muhammad Ibn Jarir Al Tabari  Category: History, Sunni Books  Publisher: Nafees Academy  Published: July 17, 2013  ISBN: N/A  Pages: 4969  Country: Pakistan  Language: Urdu  Dimension: 17 x 24 cm  File Size: 153 MB  Download

Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Jarir Al Tabari (310 AH) is a well-known and prominent personality among Sunni Muslim historians. He’s known for his historical work and expertise in Tafsir e Quran.

He’s mostly credited for his best work in Quranic commentary and compilation of Hadith related to Tafrir e Quran, as Tafsir e Tabari. As well as his notable work in Islamic history such as Tareekh e Tabari, which is a reliable and popular book among other historians authorships.

On you can now download all the volumes of Tareekh e Tabari PDF in Urdu Translation. Just follow the download button on this page to download the Tareekh e Tabari Urdu version.

Muhammad Ibn Jarir Al Tabari (310 AH)

Al Tabari was born in 224 AH in Amol Tabaristan (Present day Iran). In the beginning, Al Tabari followed Shafi’i thinking of Islam until he found his own ways and developed his own interpretations of Islam.

According to the popular scriptures, Al Tabari remembered the entire Holy Quran at the age of seven. From a very young age, Al Tabari was a sharp-minded religious, and ultimately at eight Al Tabari became the prayer leader. Later on, he began studying about Prophet SAW and Islamic history.

Tareekh E Tabari Urdu Translation

Tareekh e Tabari is a compiled history of the Prophet and Kings by Muhammad Ibn Jarir Al Tabari. The entire authorship of Al Tabari contains 16 volumes, Tareekh e Tabari Urdu PDF is available for you to download. You can also find the English version of the book on

It covers a wide range of Historical biography of events e.g. Hadith e Kirtas, events after Prophet Saw’s death, the caliphate, and the killing of Usman, etc. And other controversial events and happenings in Islamic history.