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BookKhilafat o Malookiat
AuthorAbul A’la Maududi
PublisherTarjuman ul Quran
Category Al HadithHistory
File size9.97 MB

The majority of Sunni scholars refute Khilafat O Malookiat and which is obvious. Because Moududi believes in accepting realities and being vocal about his beliefs.

On the other hand, the majority of Sunni Muslims and scholars prevent talking about the Evils of Sahabas. But in Khilafat o Malookiat, Moududi exposes the cruel Kingship of Banu Umayyah.

Khilafat o Malookiat was printed in English, Urdu, and other popular languages. But now there is a newer and updated version of Khilafat o Malookiat Urdu Pdf is available. Just follow the download button and it takes you to the download page.